Degas and More

Bryan Collie is a difficult man to find these days. The director of The Melbourne Fine Art Gallery has spent the last few years travelling the globe in search of unique, illusive and exotic works of art. Mr Collie's passion for art has been the instigation for these voyages of discovery and his clients and others will no doubt be delighted by the upcoming exhibition in September.

Included in the exhibition titled 'Degas and More' are works such as a Degas etching, printed from the struck plate commissioned by frenchman Ambroise Vollard, foremost Parisian Art Dealer in 1918 titled 'Mary Cassatt at the Louvre'. Other surprises are a rare etching by Matisse, pastels attributed to Paul Colin also a large work by Roboa Pissarro (the daughter-in-law of Camille Pissarro) as well a important work by Lucian Pissarro. Hilda Rix Nicholas, Jules Pascin The exhibition has intriguing paintings and drawings by lesser known artists from the turn of the last century.

This is a fascinating insight into the influence that Impressionism, Modernism and, Orientallism had on important and artists of little recognition during this period a time of significant Social and Cultural change.The works range in price from $1500 to $60,000 and will provide an enriching experience to those interested in Art history and all lovers of beautiful art.

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Picture Title: L'Arabesque

Artist name: Henri Matisse

Materials: Lithograph