French Fashion Design: Fashion Illustrations from the House of Jacques Heim

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Combining art and fashion, Melbourne Fine Art exhibits a series of rare post-war illustrations from the fashion house of French couturier Jacques Heim.

In addition to MFA's 2011 exhibition, French Fashion and Design: The Art of Fashion Illustration, the gallery presents over 60 illustrations of Jacques Heimís womenís seasonal fashion.

These exquisite watercolours accentuate the glamour of Parisian haute couture and the ingenuity of Heim. Each work exudes high fashion with unique and innovative designs, rich fabrics and modern relevance.

The high-quality watercolours by French designers and illustrators are an exquisite example of how French haute couture is timeless and has influenced fashion worldwide.

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Picture Title: Travel Coat in Canary Yellow

Artist name: Illustrator from Jacques Heim

Materials: Watercolour $950